Meet a diviner

Among the community of spider diviners local to the village, Nggàm dù presents the work of Bollo Pierre Tadios, who will mediate the consultations between spider and participant.

“On a trip to learn about the practice of spider divination in the village of Somié, Cameroon, I came to know the diviner Bollo Pierre. After spending time with Bollo, joining him for several conversations with a ground-dwelling spider, he asked me to create a website that shares the practice and knowledge of ŋgam dù divination with the world. A web portal by with and for Bollo and the people of Somié, one which returns all economic proceeds to them and preserves their historic practice, offers to the world an exchange with Heteroscroda crassipes.—Tomás Saraceno

Bollo Pierre Tadios is a painter and spider diviner living and practicing in the village of Somié, Cameroon. Having been divining most of his adult life, Bollo learnt the practice of nggàm du from his father and uncle. Bollo’s family are connected to the Chief of Somié, so he has played a crucial role in village affairs – serving as a forest guard and helping to deter wildlife poaching in the area. Unlike many of his colleagues Bollo does not regularly practice other forms of divination. He knows some other types but prefers to use nggàm dù since it is regarded as the most reliable. Professor David Zeitlyn, Arachnophilia friend and Nggàm dù collaborator, has known Bollo for several decades across his time spent in conversation and relation with the village of Somié.